Jonna Sundling Beijing 2022 Photo Jonas Lindkvist

Work with Jonna Sundling

In a collaboration with Jonna Sundling, the Olympic Champion, she will be your Brand Ambassador, inspirer, and role model – and it is up to both you and us (her team) to activate the partnership.

Following are three examples of ideas/areas in which we are looking for long-term partners to Jonna, where you as a sponsor can be involved and make a difference.

Exactly how you – and we – want to activate the collaboration depends, of course, on your company, your industry, your brand, your target group, your marketing plan, and your level of ambition and investment.

As a sponsor, you will of course get the ”usual” sponsorship and marketing rights as well. Our experience is, however, that a great partnership needs an idea (or a shared vision) to reach break boundaries.

Again, the areas following are just examples and inspiration. We are always curious about new ideas (so do not attach yourself too much to these ideas).

1. The Kid’s (Aren’t Alright)

”When we were young, the future was so bright. The old neighborhood was so alive.” (The Offspring)

Did you know that Sweden ends up at the bottom of Europe when it comes to the proportion of school children who are not physically active enough? Only 12 percent of girls and 17 % of boys achieve WHO goals. (Health Behaviour in School-aged Children, WHO)

4 out of 10 sports associations (clubs) state that they have a reduced number of children in their activities due to the pandemic. Riksidrottsförbundet ”looks with great concern” that many children and young people will not find their way back to sports. (Ett år med corona, RF)

”What the h*ll is going on. The cruelest dream, reality.” (The Offspring, again)

What can you and we together do to change this? Let’s inspire future generations.

2. Health & Employer Branding 

Unfortunately, the health of adults is not much better than that of children. Just over 20 % of Swedes state that they sit still for at least ten hours a day. (Nationella Folkhälsoenkäten, Folkhälsomyndigheten)

At the same time, studies show that a successful health investment gives a company at least 1.50 per invested ”friskvårdskrona”. (Jensen/Kwak, KI)

By the way, did you know that people who do not smoke, eat healthily, are moderately physically active, and have a moderate consumption of alcohol live on average 14 years longer than those who have unhealthy lifestyles? 14 years! Scary, but true. (Livsstilssjukdomar, Svenska Läkaresällskapet, SLS)

Feel free to run campaigns where you ”show the way” for society, but do not forget the health of your own employees. Sustainable change starts from the inside.

3. Sustainability (Green)

The environment is in everyone’s interest. And as you already know, many companies – both B2C and B2B – need to rethink, adjust and review their business models and their impact on society.

Do it for real, and then – be a role model by inspiring other companies and industries to follow. We believe that communication and advertising made right can make a difference.

Swedish nature is very close to Jonna’s heart. And, a sustainable climate is a must for cross-country skiing as a sport to continue to spread incredible joy to children and adults in the future.

Summary: Support a role model

Together with Jonna Sundling, you can build and position your brand, and you can also inspire – internally and externally – for future generations.

Are you as curious as we are, and interested in collaborating with Jonna, having her as your Brand Ambassador?

Contact us, and we will take it from there: Kontakt

Jonna Sundling Beijing 2022 Photo Jonas Lindkvist1

Typical partnership rights include, but are not limited to:

  • Naming and image rights
  • Activation day(s) for production of ads/content, and/or event
  • Digital presence in social media
  • Other rights

Please note: For a collaboration to be relevant, it is important that your brand and company stand for the right values. Due to many inquiries about ”influencer campaigns”, we prioritize collaborations that extend over at least a season (1 year) and preferably longer than that, to build suitable brand value together.

Featured photos: Olympic Gold Medal in Sprint, Beijing 2022. Photo by Jonas Lindkvist. Published with permission; not for general use.